Emergency Maintanence | shared12.accountservergroup.com

Posted: 2:29 am EDT 08/29/18

Updated: 3:27 am EDT 08/29/18

Maintenance Start Time: 2:26 am EDT 08/29/18

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Resolved

We have a emergency maintenance for shared12.accountservergroup.com now . The services will be unavailable for this period of time. Thanks for your understanding.

Scheduled Maintenance ::uscentral10.myserverhosts.com

Posted: 3:13 am EDT 08/28/18

Updated: 3:13 am EDT 08/28/18

Maintenance Start Time: 8:00 pm EDT 08/29/18

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending


We will be shutting down uscentral10.myserverhosts.com for scheduled hardware maintenance on Wednesday, August 29th around 8PM Eastern time / which is 7:00PM Central time

All services may be affected, including cPanel, HTTPD, SSH and, IMAP and POP and FTP.

Though the ETA is one hour , mostly it will be completed within 30 minutes time. We will keep updating this post.