s1-nyc.accountservergroup.com Offline Maint

Posted: 5:43 pm EDT 04/12/19

Updated: 5:51 pm EDT 04/12/19

Maintenance Start Time: 10:45 am EDT 04/12/19

Estimated duration: 2 hours

Status: Pending

Reason for maintenance: Offline raid maintenance This involves disruption of services. Will update once the services are back again

Scheduled maintenance: det1.hn2

Posted: 2:26 am EDT 04/11/19

Updated: 2:26 am EDT 04/11/19

Maintenance Start Time: 8:00 pm EDT 04/12/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending


We will be taking the det1.hn2.asmallorange.com offline for an Offline drive swap on April 12 , 19:00 CDT

shared6/shared5 :: Scheduled maintenance

Posted: 12:06 am EDT 04/11/19

Updated: 12:06 am EDT 04/11/19

Maintenance Start Time: 11:00 pm EDT 04/12/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending


The server's shared6.accountservergroup.com and shared5.accountservergroup.com will be down for scheduled hardware maintenance @ 12/Apr/19 11:00 PM . The expected downtime is 1 hour .. While these servers are being powered Off , sites or any other service will not be accessible during the time.

Scheduled Windows Updates

Posted: 7:59 pm EDT 04/09/19

Updated: 9:21 pm EDT 04/12/19

Maintenance Start Time: 7:00 am EDT 04/12/19

Estimated duration: 4 hours

Status: Resolved

We will be rebooting the following servers on the 12th April for scheduled Windows updates:

WS3.win.arvixe.com WS6.win.arvixe.com WS102.win.arvixe.com WS105.win.arvixe.com WS110.win.arvixe.com WS111.win.arvixe.com WS114.win.arvixe.com WS117.win.arvixe.com WS120.win.arvixe.com WS123.win.arvixe.com WS126.win.arvixe.com WS129.win.arvixe.com WS141.win.arvixe.com WS144.win.arvixe.com WS132.win.arvixe.com WS135.win.arvixe.com WS138.win.arvixe.com WS147.win.arvixe.com RS153.win.arvixe.com RS155.win.arvixe.com WS163.win.arvixe.com WS9.win.arvixe.com WS166.win.arvixe.com RS102.win.arvixe.com RS107.win.arvixe.com TURNSOL.htx.arvixe.com MILFOIL.htx.arvixe.com WOAD.htx.arvixe.com ANEMONE.htx.arvixe.com APRIL.htx.arvixe.com AVEN.htx.arvixe.com ASTER.htx.arvixe.com BASIL.htx.arvixe.com JUNIPER.htx.arvixe.com YEW.htx.arvixe.com HAZEL.htx.arvixe.com FOXGLOVE.htx.arvixe.com GRASS.htx.arvixe.com DOGHORN.htx.arvixe.com BAMBOO.htx.arvixe.com SAGE.htx.arvixe.com SNARE.htx.arvixe.com LEAF.htx.arvixe.com CROWFOOT.htx.arvixe.com CROCUS.htx.arvixe.com SAFFRON.htx.arvixe.com NIGHTSHADE.htx.arvixe.com CASCARA.htx.arvixe.com DODDER.htx.arvixe.com LILAC.htx.arvixe.com PINE.htx.arvixe.com PALM.htx.arvixe.com OAK.htx.arvixe.com SPEEDWELL.htx.arvixe.com PLUMERIA.htx.arvixe.com STEM.htx.arvixe.com WISTERIA.htx.arvixe.com TROPAEOLUM.htx.arvixe.com PARSLEY.htx.arvixe.com DOCK.htx.arvixe.com DAHLIA.htx.arvixe.com LOTUS.htx.arvixe.com FLAX.htx.arvixe.com ROSE.htx.arvixe.com WINDFLOWER.htx.arvixe.com CLOVE.htx.arvixe.com VIOLET.htx.arvixe.com SALAL.htx.arvixe.com POPPY.htx.arvixe.com DANDELION.htx.arvixe.com JASMINE.htx.arvixe.com MANDRAKE.htx.arvixe.com STRAWBERRY.htx.arvixe.com TIGERLILY.htx.arvixe.com IVY.htx.arvixe.com AZHAR.htx.arvixe.com HOLLY.htx.arvixe.com GLADIOLUS.htx.arvixe.com KELP.htx.arvixe.com