Billing Maintenance

Posted: 4:18 pm EDT 04/16/19

Updated: 6:05 pm EDT 04/16/19

Maintenance Start Time: 4:00 pm EDT 04/16/19

Estimated duration: 3 hours

Status: Resolved

We are currently updating our system to improve your billing experience! If you have any time sensitive questions or concerns, please reach out to our Live Support team. Otherwise, please return after the maintenance window to access and manage your account.

We apologize for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience during this maintenance!

Scheduled Server Moves

Posted: 10:29 am EDT 04/12/19

Updated: 2:42 pm EDT 04/16/19

Maintenance Start Time: 1:00 am EDT 04/16/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending

The following nodes will be coming down for brief hardware maintenance. The DC simply needs to move the server's physical location:

SOLUSCN273XEN + customer VPS's

SOLUSCN186XEN + customer VPS's

SOLUSCN54XEN + customer VPS's

SOLUSCN263XEN-WA-NY + customer VPS's

SOLUS308XEN-WA-NYC + customer VPS's

It should take no longer than 10 minutes per server.