Posted: 8:45 pm EDT 04/19/19

Updated: 8:45 pm EDT 04/19/19

Maintenance Start Time: 8:43 pm EDT 04/19/19

Estimated duration: 6 hours

Status: In Progress


We are currently experiencing a DDOS attack targeting to IP address, which has been put under ddos protection. You may experience slowness in the service. All domains 'except those which is pointed to', will be working fine.

We are keeping this alert open and continue monitoring the server to ensure stability.??Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

soluscn54xen-wa-nyc.accountservergroup.com : Scheduled Drive Swap

Posted: 8:34 am EDT 04/17/19

Updated: 8:34 am EDT 04/17/19

Maintenance Start Time: 3:30 am EDT 04/19/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending

Hello everyone,

We will be bringing down soluscn54xen on Friday 19th @03:30 AM EDT for a drive swap(02.30 AM CST 19th April 2019 ).

Following guest VM will be down during maintenance period

'finkelstein.accountservergroup.com' 'dsbushar.accountservergroup.com' 's1-nyc.accountservergroup.com' 'innate-design.webserversystems.com' 'sjgas.webserversystems.com' 'idea180.accountservergroup.com' 'firebugg.webserversystems.com' 'bitforms.accountservergroup.com'

This will not take long, but could be performed at any time during the maintenance window given.

Scheduled maintenance on the ASO Detroit Cloud det1.hn2

Posted: 5:06 pm EDT 04/16/19

Updated: 5:06 pm EDT 04/16/19

Maintenance Start Time: 8:00 pm EDT 04/19/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending

We will be taking the det1.hn2.asmallorange.com offline for an Offline drive swap on April 19 , 19:00 CDT