r9-london.webserversystems.com ||DDOS

Posted: 6:20 am EST 12/20/19

Updated: 9:43 am EST 12/20/19

Disruption Start Time: 6:19 am EST 12/20/19

Estimated duration: 12 hours

Status: Resolved

Due to the large amount of traffic targeted to the server ip , The ip is disabled. we are working with data-center to get the issue resolved. All the services will be down during the period. We will keep you posted.

Scheduled maintenance : det1.hvm5.asmallorange.com

Posted: 8:36 pm EST 12/18/19

Updated: 8:36 pm EST 12/18/19

Maintenance Start Time: 11:00 pm EST 12/19/19

Estimated duration: 1 hour

Status: Pending

Hello All,

We are performing a maintenance activity on det1.hvm5.asmallorange.com 19/Dec/19 11:00 PM EDT. It will be completed within 60 minutes. The VMs come under this node will not be available during this time.

Our apologies for this inconvenience