Multiple servers down | SL-Sanjose

Posted: 9:38 am EDT 08/16/17

Updated: 2:22 pm EDT 08/16/17

Maintenance Start Time: 12:00 am EDT 08/16/17

Estimated duration:

Status: Resolved

We are currently facing issues with the server which are making all/most services on this server inaccessible either completely or sporadically. We are actively investigating the issue.

Services affected include HTTPD and Webmail access, MySQL, POP/IMAP, SSH and FTP.

During this outage, access to your websites, email, files, databases, will not be possible. We apologize for this inconvenience and we will continue providing updates as soon as possible.

effected servers: s1-sanjose (soluscn72xen) (soluscn150xen) (soluscn230xen) (soluscn150xen) (soluscn150xen) (soluscn150xen) r1-sanjose (soluscn72xen) (soluscn72xen) (soluscn82xen) (soluscn72xen)

Update:: The server and all of its services are back online. This alert will now be closed. If you continue to have any issues please feel free to contact your 24/7 Support department via Live Chat or ticket.

Thank you for your much appreciated patience while this alert was active.